For most, the main attraction of the Caribbean is the soft, white sand and crystal clear ocean that provides visitors with an array of activities or just the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. The beaches of Salt Cay are exquisite, primarily the North Beach which is renowned for being the Grace Bay (Providenciales) of Salt Cay minus all the tourists. All the beaches that line Salt Cay capture some sort of individual beauty and are nearly always deserted. Perfect for beach combing and taking long strolls, it has become difficult to find such stunning shores that still remain so pristine. Please visit us and enjoy them while you can!


One of the most spectacular events (which takes place from January to March) is the migration of the humpback whales. The humpback whales can be spotted out at sea from the shores of Salt Cay (and from the decks of the villas!) or alternatively daily boat trips can be taken to encounter the whales up close - a truly thrilling and unforgettable experience!


All this goes without mentioning the vast opportunities that can be undertaken when snorkelling and diving the reefs that line Salt Cay, catering for beginners to the most experienced of divers. Join the knowledgeable team of Salt Cay Divers for the chance to wall dive in one of the best places in the world. With spectacular diving, the reefs around Salt Cay boast visibility of up to 100ft with a variety of fish, coral and other marine life. If diving is not for you, wade just a few metres offshore from one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean (North Beach) and immerse yourself in another world.

Additional trips can also be taken to visit other types of seasonal wildlife such as the manta rays, spotted eagle rays and leopard rays who arrive in their masses during April.

Want to explore another island? Salt Cay Divers has the exclusive permission to take passengers on a special excursion to the gorgeous private island of Cotton Cay, which has some of the best snorkelling in the Turks Islands. Your eco-guide will take you on a tour of the island and discuss the history, birds and specific plants unique to this island.


We can arrange trips to Grand Turk, the capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands, via the Salt Cay Ferry or Caicos Express Airlines, as well as Gibbs Cay or Great Sand Cay.


Among a wide range of activities, why not hire kayaks for a day of discovery? Kayak through the mangroves; explore the North Beach or kayak under the cliffs on which the historic lighthouse stands to spot whales, dolphins and sea turtles! If the feathered specimen is more your cup of tea, enjoy the multitude of bird species that are either passing through Salt Cay on their migration route or witness those who call the island home.


If you’re looking to catch dinner yourself, a local fisherman can take you on a fishing excursion just off the coast between Salt Cay and Grand Turk, where you can find snapper, lionfish, tuna, or conch, and a variety of other fish.

You can choose to fish with the typical saltwater tackle or learn how to fish with a hand line like the locals!

Once back at the villas with the day’s catch, you can cook it yourself at home or take it to one of the three restaurants where they can prepare it to your liking!

Debbie is always happily willing to create a once in a lifetime experience catered to your interests and personal needs - just ask!